Facts about the internet you might not have known

It’s on the internet, so it must be true. We’ve all heard of this phrase, and most of us do believe anything on the internet. Sweet Internet, giving us the sweet satisfactions of notifications on our smart devices every morning and making us feel important, don’t know what we’ll do without it.

The origin of Internet dates back to 1960, however, the linking of commercial networks and enterprises did not begin till early 1990’s and by late 2000’s internet had incorporated itself into every aspect of life.

The Internet is the special thing that keeps us connected with the world, plus it helps you see memes. Getting back to the point, there are some facts about the internet that you did not know, and *record scratch* yup that’s us, this is where we tell you about the facts you did not know about the internet.

1. The world’s first website is still active, you can check it out here.
worlds first website
2. At the time of writing this article, the internet is 10,404 days old, you can keep a track of the internet’s age here
3. There are approximately 3.85 Billion internet users, which amounts to 47% of the world population, and half of this 47% user are from Asia.
4. A Swedish woman has the fastest internet in the world, she 75 years old and surfs the net at 40Gb/sec.
5.  The idea of news, teaching, buying and selling products online was made fun of in 1995 by Newsweek.
6. It took 174 years for humanity to capture 3.5 trillion photos, we just might take 1.2 trillion in 2017 alone.
7. On 22 March 2006, Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet.

8. Majority of internet traffic is generated by bots and not by humans.
9. The first image to be uploaded on the internet was a joke band of women from nuclear research lab CERN
cern ladies
10. The clock used for internet time is one made by a Colorado Institute which will not gain or lose a second in 20 million years.
11. Even though he doesn’t remember what it was, the first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson to himself in 1971.
12. To reach an audience of 50 million users, it took the internet merely 5 years.

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13. “Me at the Zoo” was the first video uploaded on youtube on 25 April 2005 by one of the co-founders Jawed Karim featuring himself at the San Diego Zoo.

14. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the modern internet, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.
15. Mt. Everest has the cell and the internet service so that people can stay updated about the weather conditions.
16. The ‘Deep Web’ is a larger part of the internet which is not linked to the common internet we use, it is said to be approximately 500 times bigger.
deep web
17. It takes around 2 Billion electrons to make a single email, it is estimated that around 269 Billion emails are sent every day.
18. Internet speeds were slower than carrier pigeons up until 2010, as an experiment,  pigeons with USB stick were sent at the same time a video was being uploaded, the pigeon won.
19. Online dating may sound dumb, but it generates around $1 billion in revenue every year.
20. A total of 47 Million websites are currently running on the internet.

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