Never search these things on Google

For many years now, Google has been a household name. Anything and everything you need can be searched on Google. But as they say, with great powers comes great responsibility. You can know about all sort of things through Google, but maybe you might not wanna let your curiosity take control of you because we all know that curiosity killed the cat.

The world is filled with creepy things that can make your skin crawl, and one might often feel the need to know more about them, and well, not something you might want to see, for some things cannot be unseen.

So, here are a few things you should never search on Google, cause we did and we are mortified :


When we searched for it, one of our members had to leave the room, he said it made his skin crawl and he couldn’t look at it. Basically, Trypophobia is a fear of small holes or irregular patterns, and trust us when we say do not search it.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite
brown recluse spider

One of the three spiders with a significantly venomous bite, the recluse spider, if it bites someone, can get very serious, even though not felt initially and may not be painful straight away, but if not treated soon, the bite can result in degeneration of the soft tissue.

Calculus Bridge
calculus bridge

There is a reason you should keep your teeth clean because if you don’t you might end up with a calculus bridge, now if you don’t brush your teeth regularly you get plaque buildup, and then if you just outright ignore brushing your teeth you get a cool bridge to go along with that plaque.

Water Bug Birth

Well, there he goes running out again, we think he might not like these, getting to the point, now these are large water bugs which as the name suggests, give birth in water, and you don’t wanna see how that happens, we’d leave this here.

Blue Waffle
blueberry waffle

No, it is not actually a waffle with blueberries, however, it is a medical disease and well, it is not a good sight, so just don’t search for it, you won’t like what you see.

Travis the chimp 911 audio
travis the chimp 911 call

It is always advised to not have monkeys and chimps as pets as they can not be domesticated easily, so when a chimp goes on a rampage inside a house, no one wants to be near the chimp, sadly two people were.

Skin Condition
skin scratching

When you search for this subject, be prepared for a variety of gruesome pictures of a number of skin ailments which if they don’t make you throw up your lunch we don’t know what will.

Bed bugs on mattress

We all love sleeping, some people more than others, but what everyone needs is a clean place to sleep, so don’t search for bed bugs, because doing so may result in sleepless nights and being very afraid of your own bed.

Smokers Lungs
human lungs

Smoking kills and everyone knows that, but people still continue to smoke even after knowing what harm it does to the body, maybe someone ought to show them what smoking does to their lungs.

So, our advice is that you don’t google them, however, if you do intend to go on and search them, that’s all on you, but we did warn you.


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