Most embarrassing celebrity moments

We’ve all had our share of embarrassing moments in our lives, but if no one knows we had them, we can keep quiet about them. But what if, everything you did, from when you woke up in the morning to when you slept at night was watched by millions of people around the world. Your every move was being watched, even the slightest mishap would turn out to be a big embarrassment for you.

Such is the life of celebrities, they are always under the radar and people wait for the moment they slip up.

In an interview, Will Smith talked about how he was as a kid, and one part of it became quite famous and has become a meme too, we could not find the video, but here’s a picture of it.
will smith dumb in private
However, not all celebrities are as lucky as Will and can do dumb stuff in private and still maintain a clear image to the public.

Here are the most embarrassing celebrity moments

Madonna falls during the Brit Awards

It’s bad when you fall in public, it worse when it’s in front of thousands of people and there’s a video and then millions of people watch it. But shout out to Madonna for getting back up like nothing happened and going on with the song

50 Cent Pitching

Sometimes it’s just not your day, so when 50 Cent got the opportunity to pitch the first balls at the Mets game, things went horribly wrong when he not only missed but he missed by a proverbial mile, though the commentators did try to ease it for 50 by saying the ball went just a bit outside, we could see how bad it was.

Mike Tyson Hoverboard Fall

Being a boxer for better part of his life, Iron Mike is no stranger to a few bumps and bruises, but as you start to grow older you start taking care of not getting into situations, however, our Iron Mike is not afraid of having a little bit of fun, you can also hear his daughter in the background saying she doesn’t want him to fall.

John Travolta mispronouncing Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars

One can mispronounce names, understandable, but when you have to call then on stage, and a stage for the Oscars, you might wanna know how to pronounce it.

Ariana Grande licking doughnuts

Don’t we all love doughnuts? soft and squishy which just melt in your mouth, well apparently, Ariana Grande loves them a tad too much, as she was caught licking them at a doughnut shop and laughing about what she had done, and if that’s not the worst part, she was also heard saying “I hate Americans, I hate America”.

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Jennifer Lawrence falls at the Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence is well known for her goofy nature and is loved by fans all around. But in 2013 when she was going on stage to accept her Oscar for best actress, she slipped and fell on the stairs, well, kudos to her for laughing it off and getting on stage, however, it is not the only time the actress has fallen in front of a lot of people, she fell again the very next year, again during the Oscars.

Justin Beiber throwing up on stage

You should take care of what you eat or drink, especially when you have to perform in front of thousands of people. Well, someone forgot to tell this to Beiber, and he ended up puking on stage in front of all his fans after which he had to go offstage to compose himself, he did come back and apologised to his fans.

Beyonce’s hair caught in a fan

Murphy’s law states that “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.When Beyonce was performing in Montreal, her hair got caught in one of the fans on stage, and the stage crew had to help her get her hair free from the fan, and Beyonce being Queen Bee, continued on singing without missing a beat.

Ashlee Simpson lip-sync fail

Some days are good, while some not so good, and that day was not good for Ashlee Simpson, as she was lip-syncing her song on SNL, and if that’s not bad, she couldn’t get the lip-syncing right either and had to do a weird dance which did not help the situation as she slowly moved off stage.

Jerry Sienfield and Ke$ha hug

You know how awkward it can get when you are left hanging for a high-5? yeah multiply it ten folds, that’s how awkward it was when Ke$ha came to hug Sienfield, and Sienfield not knowing who Ke$sha was, did not allow her to hug him, not once but thrice.

Moonlight and La La Land Oscars mixup

Ever had this happen to you that the whole crew is ready, everyone is pumped up, everyone has reached the club, and someone comes and says the party is cancelled? Yeah, the La La Land team must have felt worse than that when everyone had received their Oscars and speeches were done, just to find out they had not actually won the Oscar for the best picture.

Steve Harvey Miss Universe mixup

We cringed so hard while watching the video of Steve Harvey announcing Miss Columbia as Miss Universe when it was actually Miss Phillippines who had won the pageant. The embarrassment Steve and Miss Columbia must have felt, Steve for announcing the wrong name, and Miss Columbia for standing there with the Miss Universe crown on her head and being told she had not actually won.

Have you had such embarrassing moments?
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